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RIP My Sweet Tuffy

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 22, 2017, 10:56 AM

I am so devastated by the loss of my sweet Tuffy this morning.  He had become ill and had been at the vet for 25 hours before it was found that he had Lymphoma.  He was only 7 years old and I was not prepared to lose him so soon.  Before they put him to sleep, I was able to spend time with him.  He was so happy to see me, purring immediately even though he was in pain.  He curled up against me as I heart is broken.

He brought so much joy to my life and to my home.  He will be missed so much, I can't even express it into words.

RIP my sweet, sweet boy.  I will see you again.

Sleepy Kitty by Scooby777

Did You Say Dinner? by Scooby777

I See You! by Scooby777

It is Good to be King II by Scooby777


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 7:28 PM

Hi everyone!  I have to apologize for my absence.  There is a lot going on in my world that requires my attention, so I ask for your understanding. I am hoping I will get back to DA more regular in a few months. In the meantime, my attendance will be intermittent at best. Thank you for your patience and I will share more later when I can.
Keep creating and I will be around more hopefully soon.

Ciao for now...


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2017, 6:36 PM
Right now in my part of the world, it is bitter cold. Not as cold as it is for some of my friends up north in Canada, Scotland, UK or in Scandinavia, but cold enough for me. So, this feature will be about just that, cold...and photographs that translate cold into beautiful images that you can feel. 

Helsinki Snowfall by Pajunen

The winter castle by LordLJCornellPhotos

Tone and Texture - Hebden Bridge 2 by Okavanga

Frost bitten by gigi50

Old West Winter by StephGabler

Alert Snowy DT61158 by detphoto

Winter Time by Gelu509

first frost by Maria-Schreuders

Merry Christmas! by Hestefotograf

Miracle of nature by LewiARTs

Stream of Blue Frozen Hope by somadjinn

Standing Out In The Cold by sharktankfan

Home sweet home by LordLJCornellPhotos

frost glittering beauty by MT-Photografien

Vadideki.. by fiyonk14

Starolesnianske pleso 1986 m. n.p.m. by miirex

Walking under the stars by Floreina-Photography

Fade out again by Morgan-Lou

Winter Night Windmill by Pajunen

higher II by KariLiimatainen

Far From Refuge by Metal-Bender

frozen autumn by Ingelore

Night Skies in Monument Valley 2 by Mac-Wiz

Sunrise on a beautiful frosty winter day 5 by MT-Photografien

Don't go away, my dear Winter by DeingeL

Call me by leoatelier

Frosty Leaves by KeldBach

Fog rising from the snow by Witch-Dr-Tim

Snow Storm by PassionAndTheCamera

Winter Waltz by TheMethodOfMad

The River of Destiny. by Sparkle-Photography

Cold Front Range Morning by Erael71

In my Kingdom Cold by da-phil

Winter kingdom by Tata-Sunny

Kodak Moment by 1001G

Fiat Lux  2 by ratinrage

Pea-Soup by LewiARTs

The Calling by m-eralp

The Bench DT11223-1 by detphoto

Winter Delight by sugartwins

And two of my own...

The Deep Freeze Updated by Scooby777

Lake Tahoe, North Shore V by Scooby777

Here is hoping all stay warm through these winter months


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 2:58 PM
Most of you know this is my favorite time of the year! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, it is about family, friends, food; all the festivities that bring people together, not the commercialism. Of course I would be amiss if I didn't admit I just love the decorations, for they bring joy to my heart. So, in that spirit of the season, it is time for a feature on all things festive!

Christmas Tree Brownie by Kitteh-Pawz

Snowflake Sparkle by StephGabler

Festive Fun 1 by Okavanga

Christmas Cookies 2012 by WishmasterAlchemist

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas by LordLJCornellPhotos

Baby Santa in a Wagon by kurtywompus

Ready for Santa by StephGabler

The White Lady by LoloAlien

Merry Christmas by Sisterslaughter165

Miss December by sesam-is-open

Happy Holidays by LewiARTs

Snowflake Season. by Sparkle-Photography

Christmas Blessings by Supach

Christmas Table by MayEbony

I Sits For Santa by suezn

Kat's Dr.Seuss Tree: animated by Velvet--Glove

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by sara-satellite

Happy Season by Nameda

Christmas tree by MarvinDiehl

Merriment by Anj3lla

Christmas Bells by RubySummit

Happy Christmas by barcon53

Christmas dessert by Daykiney

Crowned by SharPhotography

Christmas Tree by ShipperTrish

And like always a few of my own...

Dreams of Christmas V Updated by Scooby777

Meowy Christmas Everyone! by Scooby777

Visions of Christmas by Scooby777

Christmas Bears by Scooby777

Meowy Christmas II by Scooby777

Here's hoping your Holiday Season is Festive and Bright!

CSS and graphics by ArtEverlasting


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2016, 8:51 PM
As most of you know Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The changing of the season brings the wonderful colors that are so stunning to photograph and enjoy!

As we get ready to transition into winter and festive times. I wanted to share some of my favorites from many of my DA friends.


Autumn Waterfall by Pajunen

Woodland Burn, Screel by Okavanga

Fall Harvest by StephGabler

A little Fall rain by gigi50

Autumn Song by Metal-Bender

Autumn evening by Daykiney

Unknown Germany pt. CCXXIV by TheChosenPesssimist

Sparrow 2 by Tata-Sunny

Autumn in the mirror by miirex

Methusalem by LewiARTs

Down By The River by CRG-Free

Autumn leaves paint background S T O C K by AStoKo by AStoKo

Wishing for Autumn Air by WickedOwl514

Great Falls Autumn Cascades by somadjinn

Stepping out of the race by LordLJCornellPhotos

Autumn Goose by MYPeanutGallery

perfect autumn day... by clochartist-photo

One Way by Erael71

Good Morning by 1001G

Kavramak derinden... by fiyonk14

Winter's Beginning by AbstractDr3ams

Cassiobury Park by George---Kirk

The autumn shows its most beautiful pages 9 by MT-Photografien

deep silence by kaoru-kamiya

Golden Leaves by ian-roberts

Autumn Visits Spring by LiveArtBreatheArt

....Waterfall by Mac-Wiz

A Slow Beautiful Death by IMikeMedia

Spooner Lake by lil-Mickey

Autumn Feelings by milenkadelic

The Outsider by Unkopierbar

Green Peak-Autumn by 11thDimensionPhoto

Share some love with these wonderful artists!

And now for a few of my own...

Fall Splendor II by Scooby777

Falling for You IV by Scooby777

Falling for You II by Scooby777

Fall Colors VII by Scooby777

Fall Colors, Take II by Scooby777

Thank you for viewing!

In Memory of Boo

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2016, 5:00 AM

Boo on the table by Scooby777

It was a year ago this month that I lost my Boo. Boo's life was short and started hard. Boo was found in a Target parking lot, taped shut in a box when he was but 3 weeks old. He came out of the box fighting which told us he stood a chance at surviving. We took him to the shelter where I volunteered and he made leaps and bounds at recovery and quickly was the dominant kitten in the kitten room. I had told myself I was not going to get another cat, but before I knew it, he was stirring up the peace of my home. My boys Meow and Tinker were not at all happy with me for bringing home the little black and brown ball of fur. It took some time, but acceptance did come and all was right with the world for a very brief time. Boo quickly became Bad Boo, for defiant was his middle name. I would tell Boo "no" and use a squirt bottle when he got on my dining room table and all be damned if he wouldn't get back up on it and sit like a king moments later. But, I figured if the worst thing he would do was get on my counters and wasn't so bad. I think a lot of his defiance came from being taped shut in that box. It affected his life so much causing him to suffer from anxiety to the point my Vet and I put him on Prozac. Now a lot of you will probably look at me in horror for doing that, but I can tell you it helped Boo have as normal a life as he could and that was all that mattered. I loved that cat as much as he tested my patience. I had no way of knowing that his stay with us would be so short.

Boo Hanging Out II by Scooby777

Handsome Boo II by Scooby777

Good Morning, Boo! by Scooby777

Boo 2011 - 2015 by Scooby777

I miss you, my BooBoo!

For the Love of Cars!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2016, 6:58 PM

So, it seemed fitting with Hot August Night's 2016 wrapped up and put to bed, to do a feature on cars. It is after all, the car shows 30th anniversary!

The love of the automobile is nothing new to Americans or anyone, anywhere.  Cars give us freedom, cruising down the highways with the wind in our is not about the destination, it is all about the ride!  

Those of us that call ourselves car buff's, we love the sound of a 8 cylinder roaring engine backed up with looks that could cause an accident.  I was born into a car family and learned at an early age to appreciate the beauty of a restored classic.  So, with that said, here is to the automobile in all her glory.  Whether she has a carburetor, fuel injected, modified or traditional classic, the love of the automobile transcends generations.


King Of The Road by StallionDesigns

57 Chevy Belair by Belgerathone

Chevrolet Advance-Design Pickup Truck by Kitteh-Pawz

Once in a Blue Moon by theCrow65

Big Bad 32 by PhotoDrive

Plymouth Custom by StallionDesigns

Hot rod Ford 1932 by LiveInPix

Cloudly with a Chance of Chevys 5  HDR, Layered by IMikeMedia

Orange 23 by Belgerathone

Ford GT by TimGrey

AAR 'Cuda by KyleAndTheClassics

Vett by DalePhotography

Henrietta by Wayman

1960 Corvette Convertable by Riphath

shining car... by clochartist-photo

Fabulous Thunderbird - HDR by IMikeMedia

Now just a few of my own personal shots of my favorites cars...

69' Camaro Convertable by Scooby777

60' Corvette Convertible by Scooby777

41' Willy's Coupe Updated by Scooby777

62' Chevy Impala by Scooby777

37' Ford Blue Crush by Scooby777

60' Buick Electra by Scooby777

68' Pontiac Firebird by Scooby777

Well, my friends...I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2016, 8:09 PM

Life! We come into this world fearless without a clue of how fragile and fleeting it is. But, as we age it becomes more apparent. The first time a beloved pet dies, the first time a family member or friend dies. It brings us in touch with the reality that all things are born into this world heading on their way out, it is just a question of when. But, I personally don't ponder the when. I have never feared death, I have already died once as most of you know from my last journal. Death comes for all of us. All we can just hope is that it comes quick, or in the best case scenario, we die in our sleep. Death is something else entirely when it is someone else, someone you know...someone you love. We as human beings are selfish by nature.  But the degrees to which one is selfish depends on the person. Take my grandmother for instance. My grandfather suffered from MS for over 20 years and my grandmother would have wanted him to suffer indefinitely rather than leave her. I on the other hand am not that selfish. I prayed for God to release him from the shell of his body that had become his painful prison. For me it was insanely cruel that he had to endure so many years of pain before the release of death.

I have met people profoundly frightened by the prospect of death. I was flying home from the UAE (United Arab Emirates), it was my last deployment before I retired.  I was on the last leg of my journey stuck in a puddle jumper. For those of you who do not know what a puddle jumper is, it is a tin can with wings, a very small plane and usually a very bumpy ride. Anyway, I had the aisle seat (if you could call it that) with a very terrified woman in the window seat next to me. I asked her what she was so scared about and she replied to me, "I am afraid we will crash and die". To which I replied, "well...that could be a possibility. You could also trip over your pet and die on your porch for that matter".  As soon as I said that, I had her undivided attention. I told her it was wasted energy to worry about dying in this can of a airplane.  That what was going to happen, would happen with or without her worry. I asked her if she believed in God or something greater than herself and she said yes. She told me she was Muslim and I told her I was a Christian. I continued "are you not taught as I am that this life is only the beginning?"  To which she replied, yes.  So, I said to her, then put your life in God's hands and don't waste your time worrying about things you cannot change.  I reiterated the fact that we are all on a course with death.  After I had finished, she had calmed herself, she looked different actually without all that stress on her face.  Without warning she wrapped her arms around me and about hugged me to, pun intended!  She thanked me repeatedly and said she felt foolish for all the years she had wasted being terrified of flying.  Then she said something to me I will never forget.  She looked me deep in the eyes and said "we are not so different are we", to which I replied we are not.  The remainder of our flight we chatted about lots of things, me being a woman in the military, her about leaving Africa and becoming an American citizen and how proud she was of that. Her fear of staying in her country had been greater than flying, but she admitted she had dosed on dramamine to sleep the whole way.  When we departed the plane, she hugged me again and said she would never forget me...I will never forget her.

So, this leads me to the reason for the journal.  We found out yesterday that my mother (I am adopted from birth) has Parkinson's.  An addition to all the other ailments she has; heart disease, dementia and high blood pressure, to name a few of the more serious.  They give her 8 to 12 years before she becomes incapacitated if she lives that long.  My mother unfortunately was always a glass is half full kind of person, I learned from her what I didn't want to be.  She suffered from depression most of my life and I wish her life would have been different. She lived a life without much joy.  Now I worry that she will end up a prisoner in her own body and I find myself praying that God will take her in her sleep like my grandmother.  You see, no woman on my mother's side has lived as long as my mom with heart disease so prevalent.  Unlike my grandmother, I do not wish for my mother to suffer endlessly just so I have her here with me in this world.

So, to end this where I is fleeting, live life to the fullest, as cliche' as that sounds.  Always remember to tell the people you love that you love them. Be fiercely protective of your family and friends, but also try to be kind to everyone.  If you don't believe in karma you should, what you do in this life will come back to you ten fold in this life or the next.  We as humans are all connected, black, white, brown, doesn't matter.  We are a melting pot of what came out of Africa some 125,000 years ago.  If I could change the world, it would be to make every soul on this planet aware of how connected we really all are.  Maybe then we could just learn to love and respect one another.

Peace my Friends

The Inside Track, on Me!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2016, 4:58 PM
My dear friend Mids :iconwonderfultyrant:…
wanted to know more about me, a lot more and it took me a few days to get through the questions.

So, here is a look into who I am and then some.  This feature scrolls, so you will not see all of it at first!

Thirteen Q&A

1. If you could be any character from anything, what would it be?

Lara Croft

2. Funniest thing you've ever seen?


I know he is not a thing, but that man makes me laugh tell I cry.

3. If you could magically conjure one and only one being into existence, what would it be? An item, person, etc. (No things like "I WISH FOR THREE MORE WISHES!)

My Son, he passed away in 2003

4. Who is your favorite person alive?

I don’t have just one, my friends and family are my favorite people alive.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world (place, not country), where would it be? Why?

New Zealand because there is nowhere else on earth like it.

6. What would you like to do as a dream job? Like... if you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?

Own and run an Animal Rescue Rehabilitation Shelter for all abused, abandoned and neglected animals


I am fairly certain it is a middle finger, Mids!

8. Can you do this please?
Type in the beginning of a question into Google
Pick the funniest suggested result
Post it in your journal

I typed ‘What was that?  It is the best I could come up with……

9. What website do you practically live on?

Words with Friends

My Aunt, my Cousin and I have been playing continuously since 2012

10. What song verse pretty much describes your life?

All Ends Well: Atler Bridge

If you believe in nothing else
Just keep believing in yourself
There will be times of trouble,
It's gonna hurt like hell
This much I know, all ends well
It all ends well

11. What is the weirdest term you've ever seen on Urban Dictionary?

Never used it, so have no idea

12. Favorite Indie game (please don't say Undertale or Five Nights At Freddy's)?

Um, wrong generation to know what this is, must be a video game.  The last video games I played were Tetris, Centipede, Frogger and Donkey Kong 

13. WHUT?

Okay clueless here???  Looks like slang for What to me!

Thirteen Fun Facts

1. I am intolerant of idiots.

2. Patience is not my virtue.

3. When I set my mind to do something, get out of the way!  I am like a pitbull on it…no one can change my course.

4. I have obsessive compulsive disorder.

5. . I drowned when I was a kid.  My memories of it are just light on the water, it was peaceful, beautiful.  I am not sure if it was my mind protecting me or not, but that is how I remember it…at least until the lifeguard beat the life back into me…

6. I LOVE music!  I have over 700 CDs, all of Kiss on vinyl until "Creatures of the Night", and yes I still have my turn table...I can’t get rid of them even though I love my IPod. 
I love Rock (Aerosmith, AC/DC), some hard Rock (Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch), Alternative (Incubus), R&B (mostly the old stuff, Temptations), Dance, some Techno (Prodigy, Chemical Brothers), some country (Merle Haggard, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks) and Blues (Stevie Ray Vaughn).

7. Spring and Fall is my favorite seasons. 

8. I am not fond of crowded places and avoid them at all cost.  Except for concert settings…it is so weird, but I am just fine in those situations, until it is time to get the heck out of there.  I also seem to do well when I am out with my camera, no time to care about people unless they are my subject matter!

9. I grew up on a ranch, had horses and every critter known to man. 

My mom called me the pied piper, I would bring it all home, cats, dogs, one time a ferret.  People would just dump their pets out in the middle of nowhere and I'd get off the school bus and they would follow me home.

10. I was adopted at birth and I am okay with it.  My biological mother was 16 years old.  Who knows anything about being a parent at 16!

11. The most amazing lyrics and music I have ever heard is still from the album "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd.

12. I am addicted to Iced Tea (caffeine)!


13. I raced 2 stroke go-carts as a kid.  To say I am an aggressive driver, is an understatement.  But, I do not drive reckless, I do not tailgate and I use my turn signals.  I learned defensive driving in Europe and I am aware of every car around me. I have never been in an accident I caused and I got my first ticket at age 36. I own a Tacoma, but my car is a VW GTI.  My GTI handles just like a go cart, very stiff suspension and sensitive steering…I love it!  It may get me into trouble one day…soon.

Thirteen Questions

1. What is the last movie that ever made you cry?
 Inside Out

2. What song do you like to listen to when you need to motivate yourself to do something difficult?

Of late, Million Miles an Hour, Nickelback...Yes Nickelback, I love the tempo of this song!  I motivate myself by driving and listening to music.… 

3. Describe your first paranormal experience. If you haven't had one; do you believe it's possible?

Oh it is possible, my grandmother haunts my mother’s home.  The first one that I was totally not in denial about…that goes back to when I was a teenager. 

See journal…

4. When you're too excited about something (negatively or positively, just extra energy) what do you like to do to calm down?

Get away from everyone, I need the absence of people, of sound

5. How many tattoos, piercings, scars (natural or decorative), implants, other body mods do you have?

One tattoo, I have too many scars to count (tomboy).  Two ear piercings in each ear.

6. What is your favorite flavor that isn't a gum but you wish it was?

My favorite is already in a gum

7. When you think of the word "tomorrow", what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Damn…I have to get up!  I am not a morning person.  But, if it is to do something fun that I want to do like run to a photo shoot, I am up way before I need to be from excitement.

8.  What is your favorite poem of all time.

Fire and Ice

By Robert Frost More Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

9. If you could go back in time and interview anyone that's ever lived, who would it be?

Harriet Beecher Stowe

10. If reincarnation were real and you could pick to be anything you wanted in the next life, what you choose to be? Why?

A better version of me.

11. What is your least favorite bad habit that you have?

I over think things too much, sometimes.  I think it is a girl thing.

12. What artistic hobbies do you have, and what inspired you to get into them?

I have been taking photo’s since I was 8, my step-dad was a professional photographer and I soaked it up like a sponge.  I can draw well and I have a knack for letter styling, it just came naturally.  I write poetry, but it usually takes a significant emotional event to inspire me.

13. What's the scariest thing (in your opinion of fear) that you've ever done or want to do?


Well, it isn’t scary to me anymore, but scuba diving.  I have always loved water, but then I saw Jaws when I was a teenager, it changed everything.  Made always think about what lurks beneath.  So, when I decided to learn to scuba dive, it was hard…mind over matter.  But, once I learned and became certified to wreak dive, it opened a whole new world for me.  I can see what lurks beneath now. 

Loved and Lost

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 8:41 PM

I live in the constant state of worry with my boy Handsome who will not come inside my home and insists on roaming.  I know my days with him are numbered and it breaks my heart.  If I could afford to move or set up a cat fence to keep him in, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But, it just isn't possible while I financially support my folks.  So, everyday I try to make sure I give him tons of affection so he knows he is loved.
With that said, I wanted to dedicate this feature to all our furry friends that we have loved and lost.  I have always felt it so cruel that they are taken from us always too soon.

Loving Eyes  - BW by JocelyneR 

 Rest In Peace, Coquin. by JocelyneR

Orca 0282 by WayneBenedet

  Casper RIP 2005-2012 by Yankeestyle94

Shadowfax by Elsouille

R.I.P. Amor by DaXXe  

R.I.P. Dear ponyo by EliseEnchanted 

 Unconditional Love by LeashaHooker

RIP my Guardian Angel by DawnFrost 

 R.I.P. Cookie by MonsterBrand

Baby Kiki by LiberumEqua

Ginger Garfield by XxXLipsOfAnAngelXxX 

Dearly Beloved by DiamonEyes

 She's my beauty by Anclin--RAWR

Boo 2011 - 2015 by Scooby777

Itty Bitty Precious Kitty II by Scooby777 

 RIP Beautiful Girl by Scooby777

Lobo 1997 - 2006 by Scooby777 

 RIP Cammy Girl by Scooby777

A lot of these were my own pets, fosters or my families pets and I miss them always.  I wanted to honor or dearly departed and hope you found comfort in knowing you are not alone in your loss.    

The painting of the horse is of Blanco who played Shadowfax in Lord of the Rings. He passed in 2014. 

This journal is not my usual fair of favorite photo's or art. This is in part a eulogy to a dearly departed, though not really will they ever be gone. 
Last night with great fanfare and alas sadness. One of my favorite shows ever, my guiltiest pleasure had it final episode after 14 years of duct tape, explosions, science and fun! Thankfully, all is not lost, they have been syndicated to the Science Channel. Where whenever I feel the need and can watch any of their 281 episodes AND there is more! A never before seen episode is showing tonight at 5pm Pacific time and yes...yes, it involves duct tape...I can barely contain my excitement.
I know some of my friends from across the pond will sadly not know the joy that is/was MythBusters. I have included a link or two to help anyone get acquainted with Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory and Grant. A world without them, in my opinion, is unimaginable. So, I do hope those not in the continental United States can somehow get the Science Channel in order to experience the glee of discovery, explosions and mayhem. This is for anyone who loves science, who enjoys discovery, thought nothing was more fun than an Erector set, Tonka trucks, Legos, Lincoln Logs or Lionel trains.  This is a show for you, is science at its explosive best.……

MythBuster-Group by Scooby777

Duct Tape signed by Scooby777

Farewell, are forever duct taped to my heart!

For the Love of Steam!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 7:45 PM
 I was destined to be a serious Railfan.
I grew up i
n a family who came to this country from Italy to work on the railroad. Some of my earliest memories of trains are from our miniature Lionel train set going around the base of our Christmas tree every year. The sound of the train whistle is what always awoke me to let me know that Christmas day had arrived. It is one of my most cherished memories from my childhood. 
O. Winston Link, I think it is safe to say was the first true Railfan. A renown photographer from the turn of the 20th century, he shared his love of steam locomotives with the world. He was a native of New York, born in 1914 and passed in 2001. He is best known for his night captures of steam locomotives during a time of film cameras and extremely awkward huge and bulky equipment. He was definitely a man ahead of his time. I hope you will find his work as inspiring as I do.
1cm750 by Scooby777……

Here are some of my favorites from DA.

Christmas ride by abuethe  

Locomotive 1088 bw by Pajunen

Engine 757 by ScottJWyatt

Pushing Monochrome Metal by lil-Mickey   DRGW No318 by lil-Mickey

A train journey is another world by LordLJCornellPhotos

Riding the Rails by StephGabler

  Nsrm Steam Locomotive131215-45 by MartinGollery

Promontory Point by Pwesty  Promontory Point by Pwesty

The Sherwood Forester Engine by Ph0t0-girl

honey im home by JDAWG9806   Hogwarts express by irwingcommand

 The 1504 out of Duval by RoyalImageryJax

Southern 4501 (2) by Duchess-of-Eyebrows  

LNER 61306 'Mayflower' at Clapham Junction by The-Transport-Guild

alte Schoenheiten by MT-Photografien

And last but not least, here are 7 of my own personal favorite captures of some of my favorite steam locomotives.

Steam Locomotive No. 40 by Scooby777

Steam Locomotive No. 22 INYO 2015 IV by Scooby777

Steam Locomotive No. 25 II by Scooby777

Steam Locomotive No. 18 by Scooby777

Steam Locomotive No. 844 I Updated by Scooby777

The Glenbrook Sepia by Scooby777

Steam Locomotive No. 29 II by Scooby777

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the ride!

Christmas Memories

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 17, 2015, 6:59 PM
When I was a kid, I loved Thanksgiving because we always put up our tree and decorations the day before.  My mom did it for atmosphere for family and guests.  But for me, I loved the smell of the tree, the beauty of the decorations, the festiveness it brought and it meant we were on the count down to Christmas!  I didn't have a lot growing up, but I knew I was loved, I had family, a home and all that that brings.  I grew up in the country and for me there is now better way for a kid to grow up.  I had wide open spaces, livestock, pets of all kinds and horses.  I learned to respect life, all life and with that I learned responsibilities which prepared me for the world.  I remember one Christmas in particular, I only had one gift for Christmas, but it was the best gift of my young life, the best gift a kid could ask for.  My mom and step-dad put away every penny so they could buy me new tack for my horse.  I cried tears of joy!  My new saddle, saddle blanket, bridle, chaps, boots and hat matched and for parade, I was so proud.  I never sat so straight and tall in the saddle as I did that next rodeo season.  A funny side note, I never wore hats out on the ranch, didn't much like them, still don't.  Pretty funny coming from someone who spent most of her life in the Air Force where wearing hats is mandatory.  
So, here is to that one special, precious memory from childhood of Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever it is that you celebrate that brought you infinite joy.   Before the reality of the world became apparent and the weight of the world was loaded on your shoulders.  Take a moment, close your eyes and remember what it was to be a kid again and how you felt when you got that one special gift that came in a box or some other way!  Life was so simple then...I miss that.

Merry Christmas my dear friends and watchers.

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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2015, 9:45 PM
I so love Christmas!  I love the decorations, family get togethers which includes, of course, the food and spirits! I am not a fan of the commercialism it has turned into.  So, by choice I ignore the sellers market and focus on what it is supposed to be about.  It is supposed to be about family, friends and a celebration of another year come to pass.  It is supposed to be about the warmth and sweet smells of yummy food lovingly prepared. For many it is has religious significance, including myself.  It is supposed to be about believing in something greater than ourselves and coming together with the people we love to enjoy the gift of life, for without it...what is the purpose?  We can't take the spoils of this world with us.  But, the love and caring we share here I believe it to be eternal....lasting forever.
 So, whatever it is you believe, it is my hope that you remember what matters and I hope that you have a wonderful festive season spent with loved ones filled with hope and faith for our new year!
God Bless!

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Give Thanks...

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 4, 2015, 7:05 PM
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I love the Holiday season, the smells, the food, family and friends.  It is just a great time of year to remember what really matters in this world.  It is the time of year when everyone seems to be a little nicer and it is a shame that it doesn't carry on throughout the year.  So, here is to Thanksgiving, to family, friends, good health, prosperity and of course let's not forget the good food and spirits.  It may not come on the same day in every country, but it comes none the less. So, whenever that day comes for you, my prayer is for you to spend it miserably stuffed with your favorite foods in warm surroundings in the company of family and friends.  I do ask you all to not forget those less fortunate and to remember to give thanks for all that has been given to you, whether you believe in something greater than yourself, or not.


Halloween Fright!

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 9:05 PM

First posted October 28, 2012.

I remember when I was a kid all the prep work that went into preparing for this day.  I never was one for the princess or faeries costumes, that just would not be right for a tomboy.  I do distinctly remember dressing up like a girl Paul Stanley when I was 14...I had the platform boots, make up and the hair...that was a great Halloween.  But, when I was 15, I had a Halloween that I will never forget.  At 15 you are pretty much too old for Trick or Treating and as you all know, teenagers with time on their hands usually get into some kind of mischief...this was one of those times.  My girlfriend and I lied and told our mom's we were staying the night at each other's house.  I was surprised that our mom's didn't check, but this was one time that they didn't.  We had planned to stay out all night with other friends who did not have parents as strict as ours and we were all going to this house that was on the outskirts of town that supposed to be had all been initiated on a dare, one now I wish I had not given into.  So, off we went in a little caravan of cars to go to this house.  We had our flashlights and the guys brought bolt cutters and a crowbar if needed.  Let me describe this house.  It was built in the late 1800s, 3 stories tall and it had been abandoned for many years.  I had heard adults talking about it once and they said the last people who lived there in the 70s had only been there a month or so and they just up and disappeared leaving everything behind down to food on the table.  Has anyone seen the animated "Monster House"?  Anyway, it looked a lot like it.  It has a big wrap around porch with the tall arched windows and it kinda leans to one side.  Frankly, just standing outside of it in daylight is creepy.  But, at night this house is just plain terrifying.  Of course us girls were being all brave, because we could not let the boys see that we were scared.  So, up the steps we went and I really do not think there was one of us in the bunch that wasn't dragging their feet or trying to find a way out of this dare.  It is at this point I will stop going into too much detail because this is where it really scares the hell out of me to this day.  The house creaked from every foot placement and the smell was musty and cold, not to mention that it was a bit dangerous because some of the floor boards were missing.  I have to say pretty much right away we started to hear things, like voices and the longer we stayed the scarier it got and we all would have run out of there by then if it hadn't been for that damn dare.  We had been up to all three floors in record breaking time (fear) and then someone had to say "hey, this place has a basement, doesn't it."  Shit!  It was right about this time that we heard footsteps on the second floor and a door close...but we were all on the main floor!  Everyone lost their composure for a minute.  That right there had my friend and I ready to hell with the dare!  But, then the cute guy in the group that all us girls swooned over was like "your not scared are you"?  Frickin' idiots we all off we went looking for the basement door.  It was in the kitchen and those stupid boys talked us girls into going first...I hate boys!  The air physically changed as soon as we opened the door, it became thicker somehow and the hair on my whole body just stood up.  You felt someone was there waiting just out of sight in the shadows.  We had all made it down as in off the stairs when the basement door slammed closed!  But, everyone was in the basement!!!  WE FREAKED OUT!!!  This is where I tell you chivalry went right out the door.  The boys practically stepped on us four girls to get up the stairs first and my friend actually got pushed down.  So, I did the right thing and reached to help her up and we were the last two up the stairs.  What I am about to tell you changed my I was pushing her up the stairs something or someone grabbed my ankle through the stairs and I fell forward thankfully.  As I worked to right myself I could see through the stairs and all I can tell you is what I saw was not among the living.  We all made it out of the house and I never told what happened to me except to my girlfriend who was kind, but felt that my mind had been playing tricks on me.  But, we all had heard so many things in that house that night and everyone chose to play it off, except me...I guess it was their way of dealing with it.  The house is still there today and surprisingly it was bought my senior year for the sole purpose of using it for a haunted house for Halloween.  I had heard my neighbor's dad talk about all the accidents, mishaps and how workers would just up and walk off the job while it was going through construction to bring it up to personally...I can say I was not surprised in the least by what I heard.  When it opened for Halloween, none of us from the group of kids who went out there on the dare would go...and we all knew why.  I don't know if I was the only one in the group that was physically touched and saw something...if anything else happened to any of the others, they never talked about it.

I just found out recently that the house was actually tore down in 1999.  I had no idea having not lived there since graduation.  I also found out it only was used twice for Halloween, the last year being the year I graduated...I find that interesting.  I was
going to do some research on it, but decided it was best to leave well enough alone.

Shades of Grey

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 6, 2015, 1:30 PM
Last night we dipped into the low 40s or 4.4 degrees celsius which tells me our seasons are a changing yet again.  The ushering in of fall as it were and I have so been wanting to do a feature of nothing but black and white photography.  It is where
I got my start and like many of you, I so enjoyed processing black and white film. It is such a versatile medium, so what is not to love.

So, here is to our world in monochrome, may it always be insightful, Inspiring and a pleasant trip!


Need a Ride? by DiamonEyes

:icon11thdimensionphoto:  11thdimensionphoto.deviantart.…

Wet Gravity by 11thDimensionPhoto


Galloway Churches - Balmaghie - The View by Okavanga


Riding the Rails by StephGabler

:iconliveartbreatheart:  liveartbreatheart.deviantart.c… :iconphotographsbybri:…

Mommy Said NO So I'm Leaving by PhotographsByBri


Cascade Mountain closer by gigi50



Man in the bar by jennystokes


Orchid, Phalaenopsis by 1001G


Nighttime Relic-DT8 1977 by detphoto


Time is an Illusion by Metal-Bender

Little Miss Four by MayEbony


The Louvre Pyramid by night by Cloudwhisperer67

So, I hope you all enjoyed my little monochrome tour! It is always a pleasure to revisit where I began.

Steam Locomotive No. 18 by Scooby777

Battle Rock Beach Blk and Wht Updated by Scooby777

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 2:06 PM
1. How long have you been a DeviantArtist?
  4 years

2. What does your username mean?
  It is just a nickname I got when I was a kid because I love Scooby Doo

3. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  Driven, passionate, loyal

4. Are you left handed or right handed?
  I write and eat left handed, but do everything else right handed

5. What was your first deviation?
  I am honestly no sure, but think it was one of the two below.
  Iris 20 by Scooby777  Pinwheels by Scooby777

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?
  Photography, then Poetry which I only share with special friends and family.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

8. What was your first Favorite?
  a hollow promise - BW edition by darkdex52

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite most?

10. Who is your all time favorite deviant artist?
  There are so many...


11. If you could meet anyone on Deviant Art in person, who would it be?
  Again, there isn't just one.
  I have been fortunate to meet StephGabler :iconstephgabler:  and I feel like I have known her all my life.
  We are two peas in a pod, as they say!
  One in particular, he knows who he is. I wish I had the chance to meet so I could tell him to his
  face that he does indeed matter and I wish he had more time, because he has so much more work
  still to do and so much more left to see and feel, experience.

  Here are more I wish I could meet.


12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  :iconokavanga: David has been with me since I signed on to DA. He has always been there to give
  positive encouragement, always taken time to comment, always been my sounding board in 
  bad times and good. Though we have never met, I consider him a true friend and mentor.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
  My cameras

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
  The can be a street corner vendor, or a mustang on the open range. Anywhere I have camera in hand, I can find inspiration.

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
  There are many, but most recently after much nudging it was just the putting up a photograph of
  myself in uniform. I had been hesitant to do so, I am not a narcissist and don't particularly like 
  photo's of myself. But, with this one, I was worried I would get backlash, because there are 
  people out there who hate those who wear and in my case, wore the uniform. So, it was a lovely surprise and
  experience to get so much support for it and for that I thank my watchers and friends.

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A Toast to Traditional Art!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 9:08 PM

I have always respected and appreciated those who have mad skills with their hands.  So, I dedicate this feature is in honor of those I consider truly gifted!

Warren is wonderful artist and true friend, his work shows delicate attention to detail, something not often achieved in watercolor.

Nature's Fire by kach-back

Spirit in the Sky by kach-back

Rhapsody in Pink by kach-back

Teresa is one of my favorie painter's here on DA, her work has whimsy and innocence which I love.  Here are two I love, something older and something new and another,  my personal favorite.



I haven't seen Marion in awhile, but here's hoping she is doing fine.  Here is my favorite from her.

Crystal Flower Encaustic by Villa-Chinchilla

Hummingbird and blossoms by Villa-Chinchilla   Iceland by Villa-Chinchilla

Adrian truly inspires me everyday and I believe you will see why.



Andrea is another truly gifted and amazing artist.

Lucius Malfoy PASTELL traditional by AStoKo  Bard the bowman by AStoKo

Jason Momoa ~ Wolves by AStoKo


My dear friend Suzanne is amazing with colored pencils, watercolors and more...

Sea Turtle by Supach

Still waters by Supach

Sunflowers by Supach


Ann is in a league all her own, with a flamboyant flare for the colorful!  BlueBell Woods is my personal favorite.

Bluebell Woods by AnnMarieBone

Placid Waters by AnnMarieBone

Elation by AnnMarieBone


Milenka's work takes me to another world, not unlike Ann, just in another dimension.  Simply beautiful work!

Magical places by milenkadelic  Never Ending Spring by milenkadelic

Happiness by milenkadelic


Then there is Ralph who's work is some of the most unique I have ever seen.

Surreal Gardens VIII by MadGardens   Thanksgiving Fowler by MadGardens

All Hallows Eve by MadGardens


Sarah is a wonderful artist, her cats and portraits are some of my favorites.

Keith by Sarahharas07

Little Ginger by Sarahharas07

Jack Sparrow by Sarahharas07


James is a master of his craft and I think you will agree.

Burden by sedge-s

The Dibella by sedge-s

ELEOS by sedge-s


Another unique artist is Ehren.

Mutiny by EhrenThibs

Chinese Dragon by EhrenThibs

Lighthouse by EhrenThibs


Mayumi is another very gifted artist behind the lens and on canvas.

Hanna by seek-and-hide

Sarah's Cat - New Version by seek-and-hide

Hope by seek-and-hide


Mara's watercolors show movement, something I love.

Blue sunset by Nairalin

Perfect Harmony by Nairalin

Set Fire to the Ocean by Nairalin


And last by absolutely not least, is Sandra who's work is just exceptional and moving!

Enigma by SandraWhite

wolf by SandraWhite

...eye... by SandraWhite

I hope this encourages you all to show the love and visit their galleries.  I know I have enjoyed this little trip through their amazing work.

They all are truly inspiring to me. 


Sat Jun 13, 2015, 9:09 PM

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It will be officially the first day of summer on June 21st.  But, I can say without hesitation, she is already here.  Though summer is not my most favorite of the four seasons, she still brings beauty to my garden and for that I must pause and give thanks to her.

As if it's weightless... by clochartist-photo

Reflections by martaraff  

Steaming Toward Me by StephGabler

CFS Blooms 11 by Okavanga

Redrose by Belgerathone

Softness by AbstractDr3ams  June by George---Kirk 

Jealous Heart 10b by IMikeMedia

In Bloom by ShipperTrish

daisy, daisy by bloody-magpies

Hummingbird by Heidi-V-Art

Good morning, mountains. by miirex

When the rain no longer matters by LordLJCornellPhotos

Pretty Poppies by Scooby777

I wish you all a wonderful summer!